Privatbank von Graffenried

Origin of Privatbank von Graffenried

Privatbank-von-Graffenried-1The name von Graffenried is closely linked with Berne. The businessman and former publisher of the “Berner Zeitung”, Charles von Graffenried, has expanded his father’s notary’s office into the Von Graffenried Group. In addition to the bank, it operates a trust office, a legal advisory firm and a real estate administration. For decades the bank offers networked services that their customers appreciate. Thus von Graffenried manages the assets and the properties of their clients and also provides advice on tax and inheritance issues.

In 1979 Privatbank von Graffenried started as an asset management company in Berne. The banking license was granted in 1992. Privatbank von Graffenried has a branch in Biel.

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Philosophy and Strategy
“Do right – fear no one,” is the motto on the coat of arms of the traditional Berne family. The family tradition also shapes the private bank. The bank is inherently extremely conservative in the investment strategy and appears to the customers honest and transparent. The needs of the clients are always in the center. Privatbank von Graffenried only sells to their client’s products they understand. The bank is not investing in structured products, unless the client explicitly requests it, and is not investing in hedge funds.

Privatbank von Graffenried’s values are:

  • Independent – Privatbank von Graffenried is a family-owned and the bank stands with its name for security and discretion. The bank is free to choose the suitable partners and investment products.
  • Across generations – Privatbank von Graffenried’s approach is a long-term investment and therefore to build and maintain the family fortune over generations.
  • Competent – Privatbank von Graffenried is a member of the Graffenried Group with the areas real estate, fiduciary and legal. The bank offers comprehensive investment advice.
  • Committed – Privatbank von Graffenried acts very quickly and is unbureaucratically in its behavior
  • Transparent – Privatbank von Graffenried’s investment solutions are transparent and comprehensible

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Services and Solutions
Private Clients

It all starts with a meeting with Privatbank von Graffenried’s specialists. Together they will work out the optimal asset structure that will also take into consideration the client’s future situation.

Privatbank von Graffenried offers the following services:

  • Privatbank-von-Graffenried-2Asset Management “Classic” – If the client has the patience, the time and the expertise to look after his asset, the Privatbank von Graffenried will determine the risk profile and strategy together with the client. The professional implementation and the administration is delegated to the bank.
  • Asset Management “Start” – If the client is looking for a cost-effective entry into professional asset management, then this service is the right choice. This service is for assets up to CHF 150’000 and the assets are invested mainly in investment funds.
  • Investment Advice “Classic” – The clients make the investment decisions and Privatbank von Graffenried is there for individual advice and for periodically monitoring the portfolio.
  • Investment Advice “Basic” – The client selects the investments and monitors them himself.
  • Financial Planning – If the client wants to have clarity and is looking for an overview of his financial situation in a variety of topics like budgeting, wealth, provision, taxes, real estate and property and inheritance law, the Privatbank von Graffenried derives solutions and concrete recommendations for the client.

Institutional Clients

Managing institutional assets needs a lot of expertise and demands special care and traceability. Privatbank von Graffenried’s specialist supports the client with their many years of experience.

The services are:

  • Asset Management – Together with the decision makers, the bank develops an individual investment profile. The implementation is done using asset management mandates.
  • Investment Advice – Individual advice and monitoring, the implementation is done using investment advisory mandates.

Investment Fund

Based on fundamental data, through personal company visits, participation in company presentations and analyst meetings, Privatbank von Graffenried’s fund managers select the best stocks for their funds “GR Equity Switzerland” and “GR Equity Switzerland Small & Mid Caps”.


  • Professional selection and management
  • Broad diversification of equity investments
  • Ideal for mixed portfolios
  • Small amounts can be invested

GR Equity Switzerland

The investment objective of the fund is to outperform the Swiss Performance Index (SPI) over the long term through active management. The basis for the selection of the shares is the fundamental analysis of the companies (bottom-up approach). The main investments are made up of quality companies that generate free cash flow and have an appropriate valuation. The fund invests in 50 – 60 Swiss companies.

GR Equity Switzerland Small & Mid Caps

As with GR Equity Switzerland, this fund aims to outperform the SPI Extra Index (SPIEX) in the long term through active management. Stock selection is also based on a fundamental bottom-up approach. The focus is on quality companies that generate free cash flow and is valued appropriately. The fund invests in 40 – 50 Swiss companies.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors has the responsibility for the overall risk of the bank, including the risk framework, the risk assessment, and the internal controls. They are reassessing the risk regularly, especially the credit risk, the liquidity risk, and the operational risk. The Board also approves the risk policy and has the responsibility for the supervision of the implementation. The Executive Board does the implementation. The ongoing monitoring and the risk management procedure are delegated to committees.

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Added-Value Services
Privatbank von Graffenried does not publish any figures. We know however that in 2013 the assets under management were at 2.8 billion CHF and the profit was 1 million CHF.

Privatbank von Graffenried sold its stake in Von Graffenried, based in Zurich to the founding partners. The company changed its name to Pensador. Privatbank von Graffenried was holding a 60 percent stake in the company.

Privatbank von Graffenried – Facts & Figures

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Address Marktgass-Passage 3
3011 Berne
Phone +41 31 320 52 22
Year of foundation 1979
Subsidiaries 1
No. of employees 230
Chairman Dr. Stephan Herren
Shareholder’s equity
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
CEO Marcel Eggimann

Source: Website Bank

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