Quilvest Switzerland

Origin of Quilvest Switzerland

Quilvest-Switzerland-1Quilvest was founded 1888 in Paris. Quilvest Group had its origin in Luxembourg and was established in 1960. In 1991 the industrial activities were separated, and the company is only focusing on managing financial assets with private banks. Switzerland was established in 1932, France in 1917 and Luxembourg in 2011. Qulvest has almost 400 employees and is located in Luxembourg, New York, Geneva, Zurich, Paris, London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Montevideo, Ghent, Brussels and Santiago de Chile.

For seven generations Quilvest is serving the Bemberg family across three continents. It all started in 1888 with the Brasserie Argentine Quilvest established in Argentina.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Quilvest is dedicated to thoughtful investments with investors from around the world. Quilvest has a pioneering heritage and an innovative spirit. To maximize the synergies between regional entities is the aim of Quilvest. The bank offers their clients an excellent service.

Quilvest’s values include an open architecture approach, transparency and independence. The bank is committed to generating returns and protect the assets of their clients. Quilvest builds a long-term relationship with their clients.

Open architecture
Quilvest finds the best management and investment solutions for their clients. There is no conflict of interests. The best available solutions are identified, whether internal or external.

Independent Group
Quilvest does not belong to a banking group. Each entity has the autonomy to take their own decisions.
Quilvest is centering on absolute performance and does not have a traditional benchmark approach. The client can choose between different pricing models. The client receives detailed account summaries which show the assets, the valuation, the performance the risks and the costs.

Service for institutional investors
Services which normally are reserved for institutional investors are also offered to the wealth management clients. These services include the different products offered, the risk management and the reporting.

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Services and Solutions
Quilvest Group is active in the wealth management, private equity and reals estate business. Quilvest’s clients are families, private investors and institutional investors.

Private Equity
The private equity portfolio consists of non-controlled private equity, controlled private equity, third-party funds and fund of funds

Wealth Management

Quilvest Wealth Management provides unbiased and independent advice to their clients and ensures growth to their wealth now and for future generations. Quilvest has a long tradition in private banking and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Quilvest offers a wide range of expertise and services in the global market and is the first choice for wealthy families and wealthy investors. The advantages of Quilvest are:

  • Quilvest-Switzerland-2The Senior Private Bankers understand the needs of the clients
  • Quilvest has a responsive and entrepreneurial approach
  • The track record goes back nearly 100 years
  • Has a truly open architecture
  • Is geographically in key areas located
  • Has a strong independent position

Quilvest Wealth Management has its headquarter in Luxembourg. The independent bank employs 335 people and manages 24.6 billion EUR in assets.

The shareholder structure is split between Quilvest S.A., Luxembourg and Vauban Participations, Luxembourg. Vauban represents prominent Luxembourg entrepreneurs.

The client’s needs and expectations are specific and different to each client. Quilvest offers solutions which are tailored to each client. The personal advisors protect the client’s interests and give them an excellent service.

With each client the best possible strategies are put together. The service the bank offers are: private banking, wealth management and wealth structuring, and services for family offices.

Private banking services

  • Investment advice
  • Discretionary asset management
  • Custodian services and effective transaction services
  • Portfolio analysis and reporting
  • Lombard Loans
  • Trading and structured products
  • Private equity
  • Alternative investments

Wealth management and structuring

  • Tax and inheritance planning
  • Trust advice and services
  • Life insurance solutions
  • Private investment vehicles
  • Non-financial asset management
  • M&A support

Family office and lifestyle

  • Family governance
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Conciergerie Services
  • Philanthropy
  • Art advisory

The personal advisers identify the wealth and banking issues of their clients and then establish a partnership. The advisers can rely on various experts and offer the appropriate solutions. The clients are regularly informed about legal and tax changes and financial innovations that could influence the financial assets.

Risk Management
The Group’s risk management is identifying the risks for the three business units, wealth management, private equity and the corporate section. Quilvest is supervising the different risk with a strict regulatory framework, however the different Wealth Management banks are managing the risk locally. The consolidated risks are monitored, identified and mitigated by the Group. The risks are globally classified into three categories: financial risks, operational risks and external and regulatory risks.

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Added-Value Services
The low-interest rate environment is penalizing the return on capital, however the Wealth Management business had record net incomes.
Quilvest aims to acquire people externally on top of internal growth.

The new front-to-back information system was finished in 2017.

Quilvest Switzerland has a new CEO. Philippe Monti resigned after twelve years as head on April 1, 2018. Mr. Monti will join the Board of Directors. The successor of Mr. Monti is Stépane Chrétien. Mr. Chrétinen joined Quilvest in 2011 as CEO of Quilvest Banque Privée. He was one of the driving forces behind the foundation of Compagnie de Banque Privée in Luxembourg in 2006.

Quilvest Switzerland – Facts & Figures

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Address Stockerstrasse 23, 8027 Zurich
Phone +41 44 224 44 44
Website www.quilvest.com
Year of foundation 2012
No. of employees
Chairman Marcel Gaillard
CEO Matthias Jenzer
Eligible Regulatory Capital 55.733 m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 50.60 %
Leverage Exposure 354.652 m CHF
Leverage Ratio 15.70 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 320 %
Risk Weighted Assets 110.252 m CHF
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad Group: Zürich, New York, Hongkong, London, Paris, Luxemburg, Montevideo, Singapur und Brussels

Source: Annual Report 2021

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