Rahn + Bodmer Co.

Origin of Rahn + Bodmer Co.

Rahn Bodmer CoThe roots of Rahn + Bodmer go back to the 18th century. In 1750 Caspar and Hans Conrad Schulthess set up a silk trading business in Zurich. Hans Conrad learned about securities and currency trading in Lombardy, so they also started trading in securities. This was the foundation of Rahn + Bodmer.

The current partner families were first mentioned in 1882 by Louis Rahn and 1917 by Max Ernst Bodmer. The Bank’s domicile is since 1932 at the current location.

At present, the bank is under the management of Peter R. Rahn, Martin H. Bidermann, Christian Rahn, André M. Bodmer and Christian R. Bidermann. The five partners represent the third and fourth generations of their families. They can be found at the bank every day, giving advice to clients and shaping the corporate culture.

Rahn + Bodmer is Zurich’s oldest private bank, and the employees provide comprehensive and targeted client support.

Rahn + Bodmer is a non-listed, owner-managed private bank in which the partners have unlimited liability.

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Philosophy and Strategy
Rahn + Bodmer remains true to their values from generation to generation. The bank has no intention to buy another bank but grows organically. The culture is essential to Rahn + Bodmer, and therefore it is not easy to get involved in acquisitions because the culture of the other bank might not fit at all. Rahn + Bodmer is happy with the actual size, and they are growing slowly but steadily. The bank has an open-door philosophy. The employees can offer constructive criticism and can make suggestions at any time and irrespective of their rank.

The primary goal is to preserve the capital and increase the assets in the long-term.

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Services and Solutions
Rahn Bodmer CoThe track record of Rahn + Bodmer satisfies clients for over 260 years.

Rahn + Bodmer focuses on their core skills, the personalized asset management. The bank’s primary clients are private clients, foundations & pension funds and external asset managers.

Private clients
The advisory services of Rahn + Bodmer are the advisory mandate, the advisory-plus mandate, and the discretionary account management mandate.

The advisory process analyses the client’s requirements to prioritize and define the financial preferences and goals. Rahn + Bodmer also focuses on important matters like wealth succession, pension advice and financial planning and tax advisory. The financial objectives are pinned down and a timeframe to achieve them is implemented.

Foundations & Pension Funds
Rahn + Bodmer is a specialist in advisory and management services for foundations & pensions funds. The bank provides independent advice without any conflicts of interests. The services Rahn + Bodmer offers are Swiss equity mandate, sustainability mandate, active management strategy mandate, funds mandate, dynamic hedging strategy mandate and of course transactions at the various worldwide exchanges.

External Asset Managers
Rahn + Bodmer is a reliable, independent and skilled partner. One contact person is assigned to the external manager and this person will accept orders and will answer technical questions. The e-banking platform is also a beneficial tool and simplifies the administration.

The services include:

  • Processing and trading all standard transactions, like equities, bonds, derivatives, currencies, precious metals, fiduciary time deposits and money market funds.
  • An up to date e-banking platform which allows the external asset manager to search for data and information very quickly.
  • In case of retirement, Rahn + Bodmer is also a helpful partner to find a successor for the business.

Risk Management
The partners are jointly liable with their assets for the good standing of the bank, and therefore the risk management is a priority.

The investment risks and opportunities have to be continuously assessed. Rahn + Bodmer invest in quality companies with sustainable business models, global focus, and stable earnings.

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Added-Value Services
It is difficult to say how much a partner earns. Most of the profit stays within the bank, to stock up equity and to secure the future of the next bank generation. However, it is a fraction of the amounts paid to top managers at the large Swiss banks.

A part of the equity is used for the financing of loans, and the remaining portion of the equity, as well as the assets kept on customers’ accounts, are kept liquid.

The assets under management are 67 % Swiss and Liechtenstein and 33 % other client’s domiciles.
Private clients, including external asset managers, hold 85 % of the assets and foundations & pension funds the remaining 15 %.

Rahn + Bodmer is a member of:

  • Swiss Bankers Association since 1912
  • SIX Swiss Exchange since 1923
  • Swiss Private Bankers Association since 1934
  • Association of Swiss Private Banks since 2013

For the last few centuries Rahn + Bodmer Co. is supporting Zurich-based institutions, the founding fathers already had a sense of social responsibility.

They invest in:

  • Up and coming academics at the Zurich University
  • Support for disadvantaged children and young people

Rahn + Bodmer Co. – Facts & Figures

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Address Münstergasse 2, 8021 Zurich
Phone +41 44 639 11 11
Website www.rahnbodmer.ch
Year of foundation 1750
No. of employees 187
Chairman Peter R. Rahn
CEO Eric Steinhauser
Eligible Regulatory Capital >200m CHF
Tier 1 Ratio
Leverage Exposure
Leverage Ratio
Liquidity Coverage Ratio
Risk Weighted Assets
Loans outstanding
Assets under Management 14 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees 74.866 m CHF
Net profit
Net Profit / Employees
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
Return on Equity
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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