Schwyzer Kantonalbank

Origin of Schwyzer Kantonalbank

Schwyzer-Kantonalbank-1Schwyzer Kantonalbank is the leading bank in the canton of Schwyz and has 23 branches. The bank was established in 1890 in Schwyz and is organized as an autonomous public-law institution with an unlimited state guarantee through the canton of Schwyz. For the investor and client this means that he has a 100% reimbursement guarantee. Standard & Poor’s applied an AA+ rating to the bank.

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Philosophy and Strategy
SZKB’s strategy pyramid is based on the following content:

  • Business principles – customer, market, brand, employees, innovations, cooperations and participation, profitability and owner, risks and values.
  • Functional strategies – sales, marketing and brand positioning, communication, personnel, processes, risks and IT.
  • Business strategies – retail customers, corporate and commercial customers, private banking and institutional clients.

The general principles of SZKB are to be a reliable partner as an efficient and dynamic service provider. The aim is to continuously create added value for the bank’s clients, the employees, the canton Schwyz and the public.

The customers are the main focus of SZKB’s activities. The bank wants to be the first point of contact for private customers, SMEs as well as public corporations in all financial matters.
Together with the client, SZKB works out the best solutions in all phases of life. The bank is reliable, competent and agile.
The employees of SZKB are offering a high quality of service, are very professional and give the client active advice.

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Services and Solutions
SZKB is a dynamic and efficient financial service provider with continuously expanding its market position. The core competence of SZKB is the need-based consulting and support of their customers. The clients are private clients, SMEs, institutional investors and public law corporations.

The services of SZKB include:

  • Schwyzer-Kantonalbank-2Account and savings account management
  • Real estate and corporate finance
  • Custodial services
  • Defining investment strategies
  • Asset management mandates
  • Succession planning
  • Provision and pension planning

Private and corporate clients

The core business of SZKB is the financing business.
SZKB is innovative and is moving along with its digitization. The new e-banking is presenting itself in a modern way, new design with clear navigation and advanced functionalities.
The constant focus on changing customer needs and the rapidly advancing digitization will be a big challenge for the entire banking industry.

Private Banking

A recent customer satisfaction survey shows that SZKB’s clients give the bank great confidence. The risk-conscious investment strategy resulted in new customer funds of around 400 million CHF.
SZKB wants private banking to be an experience and not just investing money. Fixed values are building the basis of the daily work and define the orientation of the bank’s services and activities.
SZKB is a reliable private banking partner and they deliver what they promise. SZKB only offers to their clients what they know. The bank has proven specialists for each of their service areas. The dialogue with the customer is open and fair.
SZKB is a real partner. The bank advises holistically, transparently and works out solutions tailored to the client’s personal needs. This is the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Advisory model
SZKB offers structured and comprehensive advice and support. To get the optimal care the client benefits from direct contact to the bank’s specialist and therefore easy access to the desired services. Regular dialogue and transparent information about the development of the client’s assets is an essential part of the advice.

SZKB’s main services are:

  • Investment advice
  • Asset management
  • Financial planning and provision
  • Financing
  • News and analysis

Investment advice
If the client is following the financial markets closely but at the same time appreciates individual support, then he can count on the support of experienced specialists.

Asset management
The asset management is for clients who wish to give their assets into professional hands. SZKB offers different asset management mandates.

  • Core mandate – the minimum investment is CHF 100’000 and the investment is either only in Switzerland or invested in a diversified portfolio globally.
  • Theme mandates – these mandates are either return based or are invested in ethically responsible companies.
  • Satellite mandate – this mandate invests in alternative investments or in long-term fundamentally safe Swiss equities or European equities.

Financial planning and provision
Responsible and strategically sustainable investment also involves the consideration of all stages of life. SZKB is paying particular attention to long-term financial planning and provision.

SZKB is the ideal partner for buying property. Based on the client’s goals and needs the bank develops the personal financing solution.

Risk Management
SZKB’s main risks are the credit and interest rate risk. Recently a relatively new risk, the cyber risk, is increasingly in the focus of risk management. SZKB’s riks policy is very cautious. The risk management is one of the core business of SZKB. The regulations on risks are the basis for risk management. The regulations include the framework for company-wide risk management and the framework for risk-taking. The regulations include the risk policy principles, the risk tolerance and regulations for identifying, measuring, controlling and monitoring the risk. SZKB is only entering into transactions that are in line with the bank’s business strategy, have a well-balanced risk-reward ratio and where the bank has the necessary know-how to manage the risks.

The main risks are the credit risk, the market risk, the operational risk, the liquidity riks, the reputational risk, the strategic risk and the systematic risk as part of the financial system.

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Added-Value Services
The net profit increase of 6.8 % in 2017 to 80.3 million CHF is a new record in the history of SZKB. Customer lending increased by 5.1 % to 14.048 billion CHF in 2017; one quarter is private clients and three quarters are corporate clients. New money inflow reached 581.5 million in 2017 due to solid positioning of SZKB.
Based on the law SZKB paid 51.2 million CHF to the canton of Schwyz. The distribution of profit has to be between 35 and 45 %.

SZKB launched new equity and dividend funds. The investment is in high-quality Swiss companies.

SZKB is emphasizing its identity with the canton Schwyz and its population. In 2015, the anniversary year, SZKB sponsored 60 projects. Through SZKB’s sponsoring the bank is engaging in the cultural diversity, in attractive sports activities and in a diverse social life throughout the canton.

Schwyzer Kantonalbank – Facts & Figures

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Address Bahnhofstrasse 3, 6431 Schwyz
Phone +41 58 800 20 20
Year of foundation 1890
No. of employees 513
Rating S&P AA+
Chairman Dr. August Benz
CEO Susanne Thellung
Eligible Regulatory Capital 2.087 bn CHF
Tier 1 Ratio 21.80 %
Leverage Exposure 23.003 bn CHF
Leverage Ratio 8.60 %
Liquidity Coverage Ratio 149 %
Risk Weighted Assets 9.092 bn CHF
Loans outstanding 16.028 bn CHF
Assets under Management
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit 72.985 m CHF
Net Profit / Employees 142’270 CHF
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR) 45.70 %
Return on Equity 3.60 %
Own structured products No
Foreigners accepted Yes
Presence abroad No

Source: Annual Report 2021

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