Origin of Banca Arner SA

BANCA-ARNER-SA-TI-1Arner Banks was founded in 1984 as an asset management company in Lugano. In 1994 Arner Bank received the banking license. Arner is an independent, dynamic Swiss private bank. The Bank has one subsidiary in Zurich.

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Philosophy and Strategy
The mission of Arner Bank is to manage and protect assets through the provision of top-quality service. The clients of BANCA ARNER are families, institutional and private investors and external asset managers. Arner Bank is very agile, easily accessible and fast. Arner Bank has grown worldwide and is taking a holistic approach but is focusing on details.
The management structure of BANCA ARNER is lean, and this gives the bank the ability to be rapid in decision-making processes and to maximize the operating efficiency.

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Services and Solutions
The clients of Arner Bank are institutional investors on one side and individuals and families on the other side.

Arner Bank offers:

  • Investment Advice
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Funds
  • Complementary Services
  • Services for External Asset Managers

Arner Bank has a systematic approach that involves carefully analyzing the various asset classes, defining risk profiles and objectives and identifies the most appropriate investment solutions.

Asset management
The investment style of Arner Bank is innovative and geared towards an absolute return. The service is unique and offers wholly personalized strategies to high-net-worth clients and complex securities management with tailored solutions to affluent clients.
The carefully selected assets are traded on the primary international markets and also offer a wide range of innovative and traditional products, which are managed directly by Arner Bank, subsidiaries or leading international investment houses.

Investment advice
Clients who want to play an active role in the investment process can count on professional investment advice based on the overall investment strategy. The products include traditional investment, foreign exchange, private equity, structured products, real estate and hedge funds through an open-architecture philosophy.

BANCA-ARNER-SA-TI-2Individual and families
Arner Bank has two principles:

  • To adopt a systematic approach to investment that comprises the full range of asset classes, like securities, real estate, luxury goods and business assets.
  • To build a long-term and quality relationship with their clients.

The Bank relies on specialists who can listen to the clients and develop together an ongoing exchange of ideas.
Arner Bank pays particular attention to business owners and offers them the expertise and the necessary experience to increase the value of their business as an asset. The Bank has a tested and tried consolidated methodological approach.

Institutional investors
Arner Bank offers asset management and advisory services to banks, investment funds, pension funds and foundations.
The Bank has an open architecture approach model that prevents conflicts of interests and allows them to offer the best and most suitable products available on the market. BANCA ARNER also selects top specialists in risk control and asset management.

Risk Management
The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall risk policy. The risk policy is the basis of the Bank’s risk management process and is reviewed annually. A limit is defined for each risk category identified by the Bank.
The Board of Directors is continuously informed of the monitoring results of the risks and the of the risk exposure. The main risks are the market risk, the credit risk, and operating risk.

The risk policy defines Arner Bank’s inclination toward risk and shows how to control it. Internal guidelines and memos are applied for the risk control and the risk monitoring.
The internal audit reports directly to the Board of Directors.

  • Market risk – investment and trading activities are conducted very prudently and are daily monitored. Financial derivatives are only used for hedging purposes.
  • Interest rate risk – are checked centrally by the Assets and Liabilities Management.
  • Credit risk – includes all types of exposures that might generate a loss if a counterparty is not meeting its obligations. The Bank has a clear structure of limits and responsibilities.
  • Operational risk – is the risk of losses due to interruptions, violations, errors or damage derived from individuals, system, internal processes and outside events.
  • Concentration and country risk
  • Compliance, legal and reputational risk
  • Liquidity risk

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Added-Value Services
Arner Bank outsourced it’s middle- and Backoffice business to InCore Bank, Zurich. InCore is also responsible for the IT-development.

Arner Bank has a modern e-banking system through which clients will also benefit from a personal or digital consulting model, a hybrid model, which employs, the latest technology, and which suits the specific objectives and needs of the clients in a very flexible manner.

In 2016 BANCA ARNER was ready to sell the Bank to IXE Capital, controlled by Alejandro Garcia a Mexican businessman and wealthy landowner. However, the deal fell apart because the money was never paid.

Arner Bank was on a pile of shards and therefore started its restructuring program. The Bank hired several new expert consultants in Lugano and Zurich.

Arner Bank is investing in cultural growth and development. They express their commitment dynamically and actively, supporting musical and artistic expression and their power to bring people together. Arner Bank endorses the important concert “Homage to Martha Argerich.”

Banca Arner SA – Facts & Figures

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Address Piazza Manzoni 8
6901 Lugano
Phone +41 91 912 62 22
Year of foundation 1984
Subsidiaries 1
No. of employees
Chairman Giuseppe Benelli
Shareholder’s equity 19.795 mm CHF
Assets under Management 1.1 bn CHF
Assets under Management / Employees
Net profit 92’735 CHF
Net Profit / Employees
Tier 1 Ratio 33.2 %
Cost / Income Cost Ratio (CIR)
CEO Patrick Coggi

Source: Annual Report 2016

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